2 weeks and counting…

Things are happening so fast but to be honest I prefer it this way. Once a decision is made I like to take immediate action. As you can see our packing is well under way. 

Flights are booked. 

Moving company booked and paid. 

Cats flights booked, new crates purchased and living arrangements made with my bestie for the week before we arrive. 

Now we just need to finalize a car moving company and we’re pretty much done from the admin side. 

I’m excited. I’m really REALLY excited. About this move. About having my husband at home full time. About having a new baby. I know it’s going to be a huge adjustment for all of this above mentioned wonderfulness (I know it’s not a word but it should be!) but I have a good feeling about the next year. 

Also I think I felt the baby’s first kick earlier but I can’t be sure because I ate too much white sauce with dinner and it could have been indigestion 😜 So I’m tampering down my enthusiasm. Lol!

I am a mum to two curious and energetic little girls. My life is a constant juggling act and contrary to the blog name, it's one long adventure!

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