Who am I?

My name is Nadia. I am a mum to two amazing little girls and as of this month I am also an award winning blogger, YAY! Besides being a mum, I’m also a lover of books, travel and great food. I started writing as a way to process my parenting journey. As with a lot of women, I did not take to motherhood as easily as I thought I would and this was my avenue to both vent and also connect with other mums going through the same experiences. Since then I have managed to not only find my feet, but also to find myself.

Now I write about parenting as well as my other hobbies with the most prominent being my love for food. I am currently a Brand Ambassador for Food Lovers Market with my focus being on healthy and delicious family meals on a budget.

I am also the resident Food Blogger for You, Baby and I, one of the top parenting blogs in SA.

My aim is to promote fresh produce while also encouraging people to try new ingredients, flavours and styles of cooking. I created the #nadias_kitchen on Instagram as most of my recipes are there. Social media is a fantastic place to absorb content quickly and be inspired in seconds.

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