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I love you, you love me…

I know that I’m really showing my age here, but I remember when Barney first came out. My sister was still really little and she was obsessed with the show. OBSESSED! That was over 25 years ago and the Barney fandom has only grown since then.

Now I have the chance for you to win your kids (or yourself, I won’t judge!) some pretty cool Barney merchandise valued at over R1,000. Up for grabs is:

  • A Barney plush that is roughly the size of a 3 year old. It’s HUGE! (R650)
  • A puzzle in a tin/lunchbox (R140)
  • 6 Board books (R350)
How great are these books??
Here’s some Barney trivia before I let you know how you can win:
  1. Barney was originally supposed to be a bear
  2. Three people have voiced Barney from 1992 – 2009
  3. Barney is 200 millions years old, also know as two dinosaur years old
  4. Both Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato were part of the show
  5. Some of the child actors had disabilities so the producers worked it into the characters


This picture doesn’t do Barney’s size justice

My girls are really loving these books. My 2 year old is engrossed by the pictures and my 6 year old is practicing her reading with the books. They have also adopted a joint custody approach for Barney and take turns snuggling with him at night. I use the term’snuggling’ very loosely because it really looks as if he is trying to eat their heads, haha! but they love him!

Case in point! Barneys head is bigger than hers!


How to Enter:
  1. Comment with a Barney memory either from your childhood or a more recent one with your kids
  2. Head over to my Instagram page and follow the giveaway instructions there
Ts & Cs
  1. South African Residents only
  2. This giveaway runs until 10 October and the winner will be announced in the third week of October by random draw and announced on my Insta Stories
  3. Prizes will be posted a max of 6-8 weeks after the winner is announced

This prize has been sponsored by the Barney people and not Barney himself, he was busy.

I am a mum to two curious and energetic little girls. My life is a constant juggling act and contrary to the blog name, it's one long adventure!


  • Sherin Bibi setar

    I use to love watching with my kids . Now I sit and enjoy watching with my grandson who simply loves watching and loves watching me singing Barney song

  • Sarah Bibi Essa

    I have happy memories of watching Barney with my cousins during my primary school years. We used to have fun singing our own versions of “I love you, you love me” which were often hilarious variations on the original lyrics that would just crack us up. Ah! The good ol’ days 🙂

  • Ashleigh

    I’ve got 2 kids, a boy and a girl…
    And barney has always been influential in our house. We sing his song ( I love you) with each other every night before we sleep. They would absolutely love this prize

  • Raeesa Setar

    I remember getting together with my cousins to watch Barney on tv and the excitement of it all just makes me so nostalgic! I picked up some lovely Barney goodies for my little one at the baby expo and hoping to expand her collection with this prize!

  • Lisa Labuschagne

    My son loves Barney. The other day I put Barney on for him and I knew almost all the songs. My son couldn’t understand how I know it. We ended up singing the wheels on the bus go round and round the whole night

  • Elayne Olver

    Since my daughter was 18 months old she became a Barney superfan! And every single time the “I love you, you love me” song comes on, she runs to me wherever I am in the house, gives me the hugest hug and biggest kiss! Boom, mommy’s heart is melted, just like that, thank you Barney!

  • Judele Singh

    My daughter once left her Barney at my mum’s house and when we reached home she realises Barney is missing and I have to drive back to get him.

  • kamilah francis

    Watching Barney on TV with my grankids, singing and dancing is my favourite time with my little ones.They love it!!

  • Stephanie

    I grew up watching Barney I love that Both my girls also love Barney. It’s one show that never gets old we just love singing along to the songs. Our favorite is Mr sun mr sun mr golden sun, please shine down on me. And off course the Barney I love you song when you want that hug to last alittle longer and you start singing it to get those extra hugs and kisses xoxo

  • Lisa

    My fondest memory has to be singing ALL the barney songs to my nieces and nephew who are now all teenagers and are able to sing it to my son and entertain him now like i would do for them. So special to watch ❤❤

  • Deraysha

    I use to love watching barney as a kid and when i found out that babies can hear music when they inside ur tummy … I love u was one of the songs i use to play … I still sing it to my daughter when its nap time 😀😀😀she loves it !!!

  • Atiyyah Motani

    I grew up watching Barney and it’s so precious to have my son doing the same! Watching Barney has made him very vocal and increased his vocabulary for a 2 year old he talks like his 5.Also the Barney song is a part of our bed time routine and I love that it teaches him to freely express emotion💙

  • Helena Theron

    Barney was my daughters favorite toy and now my grandchild loveeees barney #timelessFav

  • Zakiah fyzoo

    My little girl loves that purple dinosaur SO much that when she actually met him at the mama magic barney show, she cried her eyeballs out when he had to leave. She pays attention to all his words and remembers all the songs, and sometimes even quotes him.

  • Robynn

    Barney is the first program I allowed my daughter to watch on TV and her first word was Born Bon ( for Barney) as opposed to the usual mama or dad’s

  • Abbygail Van Rooyen

    My eldest son Matthew who will be 18 this year was the biggest Barney fan. He watched it day and night even at 3am in the morning running around with a VHS casette waking everyone in the house to watch too. My poor hubby was so use to hearing those Barney songs He would be humming the tunes at a braai with family not even realising it😂 My son took his Barney plush toy and his casette collection everywhere. His first bike was a Barney Bike..Now I have a 17mth old day baby who is Barney Mad too and loves books. She will sit and read the story in her own baby gibberish.

  • Preni

    My son used to love barney when he was younger and now 8 years later I have my 1 and half year old daughter loving barney🙈.

    It is so surprising that I still remember all the songs💃💃, it all came back to me.

  • Monique Els

    Love it when my little girl sings the I love you Barney song to me 💜

  • Simone

    We went through a phase about a year ago, where we watched nothing but Barney in our house. I would wake up singing Barney!!! And although I moaned about it all the time, I have to admit, I miss it (hey, you said no judgement!)

  • Tanya

    I absolutely LOVE this show. Ever since I was little I watched Barney & Friends and it has stayed good. I am 28 and still love this show. My Kids just loves watching Barney & Friends. Finally, Barney has great strategies for teaching kids to improve and develop many skills. Barney, in my opinion, is MUCH better than Sesame Street in my younger day. I absolutely love singing and watching the I Love You video with my kiddies, however my daughter of almost 2 loves the BINGO song.

  • Tanya

    I absolutely LOVE this show. Ever since I was little I watched Barney & Friends and it has stayed good. I am 29 and still love this show. Barney is a great for Kids. Finally, Barney has great strategies for teaching kids to improve and develop many skills. Barney, in my opinion, is MUCH better than Sesame Street when I was younger. I love laying in bed watching I love you with my almost 2 year old daughter. Oh and she loves Barney’s BINGO song.

  • Avela

    I grew up watching Barney and now my songs goes crazy over him. So bizzare yet so cute.

  • Juanri

    My daughter have One major ritual, since she was 3 days old, we’ve bathed or showered together EVERY DAY, and since that day, no matter what the mood is, I sing her the barney song. She is almost 2 and is starting to sing along with me, amongst other songs that is.

  • Mandy naidoo

    I remember watching barney as a little girl…my first daughter who is now 12 enjoyed him so much…had 2 barneys a medium sized one and a baby one….11 years later when my second daughter was born she still had it kept….now my one year old loves him so much that she even naps with him during the day…and has to be next to.her at night.

  • Aaisha Hassim

    I remember wanting to snap my nieces and nephews DVDs in two when hearing Barney songs on repeat for what felt like the gazillionth time😅
    but it does eventually grow on you when you have your own kids!
    Case in point, I’d much rather have my 2 year old watch Barney on YouTube rather than today’s whacky toons that are neither endearing nor educational.

    Not to mention that your heart just melts when your toddler serenades you with ‘I ♥️ you “for the first time 🥰 Rite of passage indeed. Barney is timeless.

  • Linda Laing

    I have three kids and all of them were crazy about Barney… two are older now but my little one still loves Barney and singing the Barney song.

  • Megan

    I was a huge fan of Barney & had a big plush toy that was passed down to all my lil cousins. (He got lost somewhere along the way).
    My new favourite memory is singing along to the songs with my 3 year old & looking forward to the Barney journey with my 3 month old.

  • Shardae

    Our favorite song from barney when it first came out was…. I love you! You love me… The kids sang it non stop. Still works for kids today.. My 3 love it too!

  • Rita Moodley

    I have found memories of barney…I used to tape all the barney programs on TV.. I cant remember whether it was dstv or sabc…at that time we had no DVD..used to record on tapes for my daughter to watch …I still have her barney tapes and her barney dinosaur which she will keep for her kids…barney’s programs was educational and fun…today’s children’s programs sad to say are intellectual and unimaginative.

  • Tasneem Motala

    My little girl (she’s 2) didn’t really know Barney until we went to Mamma Magic this year. She saw the show and loved every minute. I purchased the smallest Barney for her and now every night since she and ‘Baby Barnie’ cuddle before sleeping.

  • Dionne Peters

    My eldest two whom are now 9 and 10 yrs old absolutely loved Barney! We use to sing the “mr sun..sun… mr golden sun… plz shine down on me….” song all the time when it rained:-)

  • Anusha Naidoo

    Singing the Barney Theme Song with my daughter one Saturday afternoon whilst in the garden and my neighbour’s stood at the wall and joined us in singing it was fun and hilarious. Thank goodness we didnt get the entire neighborhood joining us hahaha

  • Prashika

    I remember always singing along with a friend to the “I love you, you love me” song with all the actions(great big hug & a kiss from me to you😄) and now I get to do the same with my kids❤️ which always brings back nostalgia from my childhood.

  • @thatego_february

    I remember when I was 2years old, my mom bought me a Barney picture book that I used to carry everywhere I go. I would carry it to church and when everyone at church was reading the Bible and hymnal book, I’d look at my pictures from my Barney book. I loved my Barney book and everyone at church would be surprised on how a 2years old could concentrate so well💚

  • Dawn Clarke

    My fondest memory is sitting on the floor watching Barney and singing I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family, with a great bug hug and a kiss from me to you, with my kids.

  • Shaleen

    Would love to win this for my baby mother bought her a small barney wen she was still a baby,She sleeps and eat with it..its old now but she doesnt wana let it go.i really need this🙏💗

  • Theshnee Reddy

    My oldest was crying in store for barney (he was just over a year) we bought it for him.. When his brother was born, they used to fight over it.. Every night they would tug at it to sleep with it ♥️

  • Debbie stander

    Who can ever get the song of Barney out of their head.just gotta love Barney

  • Tasneem Maganlal

    My fondest memory of Barney is winning a meet and greet at the MamaMagic expo. My daughter could not contain herself. She went crazy. It made me so happy to see her so excited. To be honest lol I was just as excited as she was.

  • Dawn Wallenkamp

    My best Barney memory is driving from Durban to Joburg to find a Barney toy for daughter.

  • Kaylin Jacobs

    Hi dol.

    I remember waking up at 7am on a Saturday to watch Barney when I was younger and it is so nice to share the same joy with my daughter. Barney has saved many a miserable.

    Thanks big B


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