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How much is too little?

One of our good friends came over to stay for a week recently. She has stayed with us before but I never really paid that much attention to how long she took to get ready each day. By 'get ready' I mean from the moment she walks into the bathroom in the morning until she… Continue reading How much is too little?

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Flying with kids

I am notorious for my terrible memory. I forget as much as I remember but the up side to this is that I usually forget the things that make me sad/angry/worried/stressed etc. The down side is that this usually results in me repeating said action that made me sad/angry/worried/stressed. The best example of this is… Continue reading Flying with kids

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The Women’s Wellness Event 2018

Some of my Saturdays out are for shopping and general laziness, some are spent like this 😊


As a woman who’s all about women empowerment, education and living our best lives, I absolutely love attending events that aim to do exactly that.

Yesterday fellow blogger Nadia, the mama behind The Non-Adventures of a Stay-at-Home-Mom and I attended The Women’s Wellness Event The event was hosted by the charismatic and uber-talented Sarah Graham and super inspirational and energetic Jeanne van Zyl in Pretoria.

Professional photos to follow because we are cool like that

Sarah Graham, the well-known food writer and TV host, along with nutrition and wellness expert, Jeanne van Zyl joined forces to host this years women’s event. The event was held with the aim “to help you cultivate a lifestyle that promotes balance and inside-out beauty, and that gives you quick tips and tricks on healthy eating that is actually attainable”.

Here’s what our morning entailed

Shortly after our arrival and check-in, I was fortunate enough to…

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2018 Goals (The long version)

I am a terrible goal setter. Mostly because my memory sucks and I forget where I wrote them down 😂 So I'm going to leave this list right here for me to come back and assess my progress during the year. #1 - Drop a dress size<<< s may not seem like a lot to… Continue reading 2018 Goals (The long version)