One Grand Family Challenge

It’s a wrap!

The #OneGrandFamilyChallenge is over! The month really flew by and I can’t believe I’m typing up the final post. What an eye opening experience this has been. Before I get into it though, here’s a quick summary and the previous posts in case you missed it.

The Challenge was to spend a maximum of R1,000 a week on ALL groceries (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, school lunchboxes) while still creating interesting and healthy meals for a family of 4. Spoiler Alert – I nailed it! Which goes to show that a little bit of planning and time can make a world of difference to your budget.

The low-down on the #OneGrandFamilyChallenge

Week One Meal Plan

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as well as a quick recap of this weeks meals:

Day 29 – Monday – Beans on toast

This was such a busy day. I went grocery shopping that morning and took over the Food Lovers Market Instagram account for the day. It was a ton of fun but I was exhausted and needed something quick and easy for supper. Instead of making the usual butter beans curry and rice, I made toasted garlic rolls to go with the curry and it was wonderful! Comfort food at its best. I always used sweet potatoes in my butter beans. The sweetness just works so well.

Day 30 – Tuesday – Prawn and Basil Pasta

Prawns were on special again! Yay! I couldn’t resist and decided to make a pasta. I kept the shells aside to make a prawn oil but time ran away from me and I ended up not using it at all. What a waste! Prawn oil is like liquid gold!


Day 31 – Wednesday – Beef Cannelloni

I thought I would switch things up a bit and make cannelloni instead of lasagna but I was kicking myself when it took me twenty minutes to stuff those damn tubes. Worth the effort though. Next time I will use fresh tomatoes instead of tinned.


Day 32 – Thursday – Healthy Buddha Bowl

I love the concept of a Buddha Bowl because it feels like a picnic to my girls. Thursday was freezing and I binge ate marie biscuits and Nutella all day then washed it down with Milo. Supper needed to be super healthy as an effort to balance it out.


Day 33 – Friday – Beef Chow Mein

We love Chinese food and beef chow Mein is my standard order. This meal was huge and I ended up with a ton of leftovers. I think there’s still some in the fridge actually.


Day 34 – Saturday – Bring and Braai

We had family over on Saturday and I didn’t get a chance to take any pics because there were four little kids running around here and having fun. The lamb chops were amazing though and went with boerewors rolls and salads.

Day 35 – Sunday – Avocado Chocolate Mousse

The final day of the challenge. We had so much of leftovers from the braai that I didn’t need to cook so I decided to end on a sweet note. I absolutely love this mousse and it is so healthy! Sadly the girls didn’t fall for my healthy dessert trick but that just means more for me!!


So what now?

Well, now that I know that I can feed my family good meals on a budget, I am going to stick to R1,000 a week. I may not be as militant about it as I was but I don’t want to fall back into the habit of over spending either. I shopped almost exclusively at Woolworths before but now Food Lovers Market will definitely be my Primary store and I will only shop elsewhere if I need something specific to another store. Plus I can get my Seattle Coffee fix!
I really hope that this challenge has been enlightening in terms of budgeting and the beauty of fresh produce. The challenge may be over but my cooking will not so keep an eye on this space



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I am a mum to two curious and energetic little girls. My life is a constant juggling act and contrary to the blog name, it's one long adventure!


  • Tracy

    It’s great you were able to feed your family such healthy meals, and on a budget. I am guilty of convenient meals that are not always healthy, or budget friendly.
    Since my family will be growing in 13 weeks or so I should really be more aware of my budget. (I need to start by setting one 😉 ) My income won’t be growing along with my family and expenses.

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