No sugar – Week 2

I wouldn’t say Week 1 was an epic fail…but I definitely didn’t stick to the no added sugar rule 🙈

  • Mon – small slice of cake
  • Tues – small ice cream cone
  • Wed – small ice cream cone
  • Thurs – good day
  • Fri – good day
  • Sat – half a large mint choc slab and coconut ice
  • Sun – the other half of the slab 🙈

This is actually really good compared to the previous weeks so I’m going to look at this as slow but definitive progress in the right direction. Week 2 started yesterday and I’ve been good so far so I’m optimistic! 

I am a mum to two curious and energetic little girls. My life is a constant juggling act and contrary to the blog name, it's one long adventure!

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