• The mixed message of ‘Stranger Danger’

    Have you ever told your child not to talk to Strangers? I would be surprised if you had not. Strangers are an unknown element in our lives and in the twisted world we live in today, you never know who could be a threat to your child. But here's a question, have you ever told your child to... - greet a cashier? - a shop assistant who said they were cute? - a friendly car guard? - a friend of yours from high school that you bumped into at the mall? Of course you have. But isn't that a Stranger?

  • Sisters

    Keeping up with the Joneses

    I have been thinking of our social standing recently and this is only something that has popped up on my radar since my daughter started school. We are a middle income family living a comfortable life. My husband is the sole bread winner by choice, we own our own home and employ someone three times a week to help with the cleaning. Compared to the majority of people in South Africa, we live a luxurious lifestyle. Luxury is relative though isn’t it? The Joneses My daughter goes to the most amazing pre-school. The teachers are exceptional and clearly love their job, the class and playground equipment is in pristine condition,…

  • One Grand Family Challenge

    It’s a wrap!

    The #OneGrandFamilyChallenge is over! The month really flew by and I can’t believe I’m typing up the final post. What an eye opening experience this has been. Before I get into it though, here’s a quick recap of this weeks meals: Day 29 – Monday – Beans on toast This was such a busy day. I went grocery shopping that morning and took over the Food Lovers Market Instagram account for the day. It was a ton of fun but I was pooped and needed something quick and easy for supper. Instead of making the usual butter beans curry and rice, I made toasted garlic rolls to go with the…