The cloud is lifting

What cloud you ask?
The very dark one that seemed to enjoy hanging out above my head and occasionally (often) raining on my parade. PND is no joke. I feel like I have a mild case of it in comparison to some of the stories I have read but it’s still pretty shitty. Now I have way more good days than bad though so things are looking up. 
My little sausage is almost nine months old. That’s her climbing up the jungle gym (unassisted I might add) like a tiny little daredevil. She is a source of such joy to me but also incredible pain. I’m talking literal pain. This kid is killing my back!! I even have to see a biokineticist to sort out the muscle strain. [Mental note: save all invoices to show her when she becomes a lippy teenager] 
I need to start blogging regularly again. I forget how much I love it in the midst of busy days and semi-sleepless nights. 
But for now I must squeeze in some zzz’s before the little one wakes up at 2am to make love eyes at me from the cot. 
I’ll be back….

I am a mum to two curious and energetic little girls. My life is a constant juggling act and contrary to the blog name, it's one long adventure!


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