Week Four – The #OneGrandFamilyChallenge

This budgeting business is definitely getting easier. It also helps to shop at the same store because I know more or less the cost of groceries at Food Lovers Market now so when I plan the meals I can balance out the cost of ingredients through the week.
Here is my Meal Plan for Week 4

I spent a total of R991,10 on groceries today and this is what it looked like

You really can get a TON of fresh produce and ingredients for R1,000. All it takes is about half an hour of planning a week. Here’s is a list of what I bought:

In case you missed it, here’s the Week Three Recap. And don’t forget, Food Lovers Market is giving away R1,000 in groceries to one lucky person (in South Africa) who is following the challenge!!! All you have to do is join the #LoveFoodMovement group on Facebook and comment with your budget saving tip. That’s it! Good luck!
I would love to hear your thoughts on the challenge. Did you think we would be able to feed our families on R1,000? Are you becoming more conscious of how much you spend a week? I really hope I’m inspiring you to get back into the kitchen!

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