Week Two – The #OneGrandFamilyChallenge

Week Two has rolled around and I’m feeling more confident in terms of meal planning as well as grocery shopping. I did the shop this morning and came back with a few treats over and above the groceries. I planned on doing some baking this week because we pretty much just snacked on Marie Biscuits last week (they were lovely but still). The Bakery section beckoned and it worked out WAY cheaper to buy a few baked goods as opposed to making them. I came home with 5 croissants, 3 doughnuts and a Malva pudding all for the grand total of R60! Score!! It’s actually a test of my willpower that I didn’t spend half my budget at the Bakery.

My total spend came to R849 which leaves R151 for Mother’s Day. I will let Jarrod decide on the menu and then get the groceries on Friday (hint drop: plz include my favorite mushroom sauce) but that should be sufficient.

What’s on the menu?

Wednesday is Guest Recipe day and I am intrigued by the Southern Fried Cabbage recipe I received. Here’s the meal plan for Week Two:
The meal plan only includes the dinners because breakfast depends on the girls moods as well as how much of time we have in the mornings. Lunch is, more often than not, whatever we had for dinner the previous night. Here is the list of ingredients that I bought so far:

In case you’re wondering how Week One went and what I cooked up, you can read all about it here.
Have you been following the challenge? Let me know if you have become more conscious of what you’re spending on groceries and if you try out any of the recipes. Don’t forget to check out what MammaChef Jozi is cooking up for Week 2!

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