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What I eat now?

Omg. I hear this from my toddler every half an hour. This is not an exaggeration. She will eat a banana for breakfast and as soon as she chews the last bite I hear “what I eat now?” Or ten minutes after we eat lunch. Or two minutes after I give her a snack! What the hell man!

Then she tries to con me by saying “not a nummy snack, a healthy snack” 😂 The worst is when I go through the list of potential snacks and get “no no, not that” for each one. Agh!

So now I stuff her up nicely for her main meals and make sure she finishes her food. Then she gets one snack between meals and that’s it. This mum has called it quits!

I can’t be the only mum with snacky kids?? What do you do to stay out of the kitchen?

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I ❤ you Scrubbee

This is not a sponsored post.

I adore Lush. I love their stores. I love their products. I love how their staff don’t make you feel like a cheapskate for asking for a sample before buying a product. (I have spent a shit ton of cash on products just because I loved the sample so much) I could literally spend hours there just sniffing the bath bombs or washing my hands with the crazy shaped soaps. I lost about an hour that I didn’t have at the V&A Waterfront store on Saturday during a lightening girls weekend trip and I am so glad I did because I bought the product of all products.

The Scrubbee. 

Yes, it’s in the shape of a bee. 💖

(It was more bee like before my shower) This thing is AMAZING!!! The black stripes have an exfoliater in it and the creamy yellow part is an in shower moisturiser. Now I have tried a few in shower moisturisers before because I have no bloody time to apply lotion after a shower when there’s two kids waiting outside my bathroom door. Needless to say, I have Winter Skin. I know I just made that term up but I also know that YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! 

Anyway, I tried it out today. 20 minutes ago actually. I’m in love. I want to buy 10 and stockpile it in case they discontinue the range. The exfoliater was great but the other side of the bar is what has rocked my world. So creamy. So silky. The water literally beaded on my skin after I applied it. I stayed under the shower for a while to test if it would wash out but when I towelled off my skin was still silky smooth. 

If you are like me and I’m sure a lot of you are, you really need this in your life. R110 I think. 

You’re welcome!

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Raising strong girls

I always wanted to have daughters. When I was pregnant I hoped and prayed that I wouldn’t get a boy. I guess it’s largely because I have such a great relationship with my own mum that I just assume I will have the same with my girls. My husband thinks I’m a dreamer but I’m hopeful.

Girls are great. But also so incredibly stressful when you start thinking of boys and mean-girls and careers and personal safety. My eldest starts school next month. To say I am nervous is an understatement. She hasn’t had that much interaction with other kids so she thinks everyone is her friend. I really hope the kids are nice to her. 

I have been thinking a lot recently about how to raise our girls to be strong, independent thinkers. To know their own mind and be confident enough not to feel the need to follow the crowd. Which is why when my husband told me about Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls ages ago I was so super excited. 

This book is amazing. There’s 100 stories about real women who have defied the odds to excel at something they love. Our bookshelf is overflowing with fairytale story books and as much as I want them to believe in magic, what I really want is for them to believe in themselves. 

My daughter will be 4 next week and although she was really excited about the book, it didn’t hold her attention for very long. I think I will put it away and bring it out again in six months. The only thing that both she and I didn’t like (and I’m sure many others will disagree with this) were the illustrations. I feel as though the pictures cater to an older audience and some where a bit…dark for the little kids. 

If you have daughters please look into getting this book. It is R335 on Takealot. Let’s raise rebel girls!

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What the bloody hell..emphasis on bloody

Stop reading now if you are squeamish or talk of mentruation makes you woozy (That’s you love) This post is going to be an overshare of note.
I really miss my pre-baby periods. It was occasionally a day of intermittent and very mild cramping followed by 5 days of low to medium bleeding then back to normal life for weeks. Now…man have things changed. 

I have never kept track of my cycle. Not even when I was trying to fall pregnant. Ok I lie, I did for about two months with baby no2 but then I fell pregnant and that was that. Now I don’t need a calendar. Three or four days before I’m due I start getting…weepy/ angry/ irritable/ snappy (basically all the negative emotions). I know what’s happening because EVERYTHING makes me cry. 

The cats don’t have enough water. Oh man, they must be soooooooo thirsty. Poor kitties. Why didn’t I check their bowl? I’m a terrible parent. Cry cry cry 

A gave me a hug. She must miss me. Maybe I’m not giving her enough attention. She’s such a good kid I should spend more time with her. I’m a terrible parent. Cry cry cry.

Oh man, J wanted to hang out after the girls went to sleep but it’s so late now and I’m exhausted. E is going to wake up a few times tonight again and I’m so frikken tired. But I havnt spent any quality time with him in a while. I’m a terrible wife. Cry cry cry.

Notice a pattern?

Well once that shitstorm reaches its peak it means it’s period time. I honestly worry sometimes whether I’m bleeding to death and don’t realise it. I’m talking Red Wedding type bleeding. It’s intense. 

I can’t be the only one who’s body tries to murder her every 5 weeks am I?

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Time to get my cape on 

If that title rings a bell it’s because it’s from the incredibly catchy intro song to DC SuperHero Girls (which I intend to write about in another post. Mental note: add to the mental list of future posts) 

For a while now I have been drowning in the day to day of keeping a baby alive/fed/stimulated and a toddler entertained. I havnt really had a chance to do anything besides that and the usual household management of cooking and cleaning. I saw this post on fb the other day: 

I just scrolled past but it stuck in my head for some reason. To be honest I didn’t actually make two lists because, you know, kids. Though it did make me rethink my time allocation and realise that I need to give myself the time to do something fulfilling. At the same time this needs to be a realistic goal or it will just fall by the wayside. 

And this is it. I love blogging. It helps to centre me and gives me a chance to really focus on things that are playing on my mind. I guess it’s therapeutic. So I am going to attempt to turn this into a proper parenting blog with reviews and links and stuff (research still in progress) 

I also want to set a good example for my girls. I want them to see a mum who does more than cook and clean. I want them to see a mum who is happy and excited about life. 

I used Batgirls image because I think she is the most impressive superhero. She wasn’t born with any special powers but she creates a powerful persona for herself through hard work and determination. You go Barbara!

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CPR/First Aid Course

On Saturday I attended my first CPR and First Aid Course for infants and children. I really don’t know why I have put this off for so long. I feel empowered now. Still terrified that I will ever have to use this knowledge but confident that if I need to I’ll be more capable. 

These were the dolls that we practiced on. Freaky little half body boys. But they were super useful to know how hard you actually need to press for compressions and how to position the head when breathing into the lungs. I must confess I had to remove myself a bit from the situation while practicing because I kept imagining that it was my own child I was doing this for and the emotions were overwhelming. 

I have read a lot of articles on kids drowning recently. My husband always asks me why I read all “that depressing shit” about kids dying or getting ill but I always feel its better to know so you can make the changes and learn from others mistakes. We are house hunting at the moment and I’m really hoping to find one without a pool. I feel like its not worth the stress and we can just swim somewhere else. 

Anyway, here’s a pic of the little plastic babies we had to save…

… a little scary looking but again realistic enough to make you want to really save that little life. 

Here’s the most important information I took away from the course to hopefully help someone else who reads my little blog:

  • Know the emergency numbers that you would need to call and have it displayed somewhere easy to get to
  • Don’t stop CPR until the ambulance gets there regardless of how much time has passed. Don’t give up.
  • If you find a child with his/her finger in a plug socket resist the impulse to pull them away. Instead use a wooden or plastic chair or similar to get them away from the plug before starting CPR 
  • Secondary drowning is a thing. If a child/adult drowns and is resuscitated he/she HAS TO BE taken to the hospital to be checked out even if he/she seems completely fine afterwards. The lungs will still have some water in there and then the body produces more water as a defence mechanism and the child/person can then drown in that water 48 hours later (medical people please forgive me if I have explained this incorrectly but I’m sure the gist is correct)
  • If the child gets glass or sand or something in their eye, first rinse it out with cold running water. If the eye is still painful then bandage BOTH eyes and take them to hospital. This prevents the eye from moving around too much and causing more damage.
  • If you suspect your child has swallowed something poisonous DO NOT give them anything to eat or drink or make them vomit UNLESS they have ingested medication in which case make them throw up until nothing else comes out and then rush them to hospital. The reason for this is to get the medication out before it gets absorbed into their system. The reason why you don’t give them anything to drink is because some poisonous products get activated with liquids. 
  • Bee stings should be removed with a flat object like a credit card in the opposite direction that the sting went it. Do not use tweezers as that will squeeze in the venom. (Is venom the right word??)
  • If you need to inject someone with an epipen, hold the pen in your fist and jab it into the side of their thigh between the knee and hip. This is done over the clothes. Hold the pen there for 10 Mississippi seconds then remove and rub the injected area for 10 seconds.

I’m sure there’s more but that’s the ones that stood out for me. I hope you never have to use it but if you do hopefully you will remember this.

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Hello, My name is Nadia and I am an addict

Not addicted to wine.

Not addicted to drugs.

I’m a Facebook addict. God I hate that app. And I love it. We have a complicated relationship. I literally lose hours scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. For what?! I rarely get any enjoyment from it. I’m actually hating what I’m doing AS I’m doing it but I just can’t stop. I need that one more scroll just in case there’s something super interesting to see. BUT THERE NEVER IS!!!! It is a great way to store photos though. And connect with people. Bleh.

Also apparently a whatsapp addict. This I didn’t realise until my husband brought to my attention how often I click the Home button on my screen to check for messages. I caught myself doing it today. I literally checked my phone every 1-2minutes. Thats crazy right? It can’t be normal. In my defense it’s my only access to the outside world and conversation with humans older than 4. But still. Not cool. 
Pretty sure I wrote a post about this a while ago (clearly an ongoing problem) but I need to sort this shit out. I have been saying “hold on a second baby, let mummy just send this message” one too many times recently. 

Time to make a conscious effort to stay away from my phone. Out of sight out of mind. In the words of the ever resourceful Barbie ‘Let’s do this!’ 

(I have become a Barbie fan. The old me would bust a gut laughing at the new me)

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The cloud is lifting

What cloud you ask?

The very dark one that seemed to enjoy hanging out above my head and occasionally (often) raining on my parade. PND is no joke. I feel like I have a mild case of it in comparison to some of the stories I have read but it’s still pretty shitty. Now I have way more good days than bad though so things are looking up. 

My little sausage is almost nine months old. That’s her climbing up the jungle gym (unassisted I might add) like a tiny little daredevil. She is a source of such joy to me but also incredible pain. I’m talking literal pain. This kid is killing my back!! I even have to see a biokineticist to sort out the muscle strain. [Mental note: save all invoices to show her when she becomes a lippy teenager] 

I need to start blogging regularly again. I forget how much I love it in the midst of busy days and semi-sleepless nights. 

But for now I must squeeze in some zzz’s before the little one wakes up at 2am to make love eyes at me from the cot. 

I’ll be back….

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Sisterly love

A really beautiful thing happened the other day.

We had just watched Despicable Me 2 that morning and it was the first time A had seen it. If you havn’t seen it, the bad guy creates a purple serum that turns animals and people into mindless purple monsters that eat everything. (Now that I read that it sounds really scary but it actually isn’t.) Anyway, this whole situation really upset A because she just couldn’t understand firstly why they gave the bunny an injection and secondly why they would want to turn him into a monster. She loves animals so I’m sure this must have seemed like animal cruelty (which in hindsight I guess it was) to her. I had to repeatedly explain about experiments and how there are bad people in the world who do bad things. It really killed what was supposed to be a fun morning movie but what can you do. Needless to say we have not watched the movie again since then.

Later in the day she was playing with an unused urine sample container (long story) and pretending it was the purple serum. I was happy she wasnt freaked out by it anymore so I played along and acted like I was injecting her baby sister with it. Oh my goodness. She lost her shit. She seriously flipped out. Started screaming “NO! Don’t do that to my baby sister! Stop it! Fix her!” So I had to pretend to give her the ‘good’ yellow serum to turn her back. But since I am a horrible person who loves teasing kids (even my own) I then acted like I was I injecting the cats (not a great parenting day). I’m not proud. I did stop when she started crying though. I forget sometimes how powerful a kids imagination can be. 

To make up for my bad parenting I went to the cupboard to get her a KitKat (yes, I sometimes right my wrongs with chocolate. Don’t judge.) and had a terribly diabolical idea. The following conversation ensued:

Me: Do you want a chocolate honey?

A: ooooh yes please!!

Me: Ok, but if you want the chocolate you have to let me give E some purple medicine. Just one small injection.

A: thoughtful pause

Me: Don’t you want the chocolate?

A: erm, yes. How about some pink medicine?

Me: nope, I want the purple one.

A: oh dear, I dropped it. Its about a blue one?

Me: nope, I only want the purple one

A: oh, er, that ones no good. Here I’ll make a nice purple one

Me: no no, I want the monster purple one

A: no no no, how about a yellow one? You like yellow.
At this point in time I finally came to my senses. I was just teasing her but to A she was really protecting her sister. A loves me. I am without question her favourite person in the world. But she was trying to protect her baby sister from me. Even if that meant giving up chocolate (which she loves). She really thought that the imaginary purple medicine would turn her sister into a monster and she was trying everything to not let that happen. So then we had a very long chat about how she did the right thing and that mummy was naughty for trying to trick her. This happened a few days ago but I am still bursting with pride at what a good big sister she is. She really cares for her baby sister and looks out for her. And her sister looks at her with utter devotion and adoration. I hope they always stay this close. 

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Stick a fork in me, I’m done

I read a great ‘feminist’ (I don’t think it should be classified this way) cartoon the other day. Here’s the link I’m sure quite a few of you have seen it already. 

This really struck a chord with me. I wrote a blog post a while back about how running a household and taking care of kids is like working two full time jobs. At the time my husband stepped in to help out more but we seem to have fallen back into the same rut and I am both physically and mentally exhausted. Don’t get me wrong, my husband spends time with the kids, helps tidy up, cooks supper now and then and gives me time to get out of the house for some me time. I actually feel guilty about complaining because I know he bears the burden of our financial stability while I’m at home. But I am just so tired. And its not the kind of tired that a good nights sleep can fix (though I could really use one of those!!)
Im tired of constantly tidying up because our place is small and clutter makes me feel frazzled. Im tired of thinking of what to cook and also of cooking. I’m tired of making sure the washing basket isn’t overflowing and that the clothes on the washing line don’t stay there for days. Im tired of keeping track of what groceries and household stuff needs replacing and checking for specials so we are not heamorraging money. I’m tired of washing bottles and making sure there’s enough clean ones to see me through the night feeds that don’t seem to be ending. I’m tired of asking for help. Sometimes (all the time) I wish more stuff can get done without me asking and giving detailed instructions. 

I don’t have the energy for any kind of physical intimacy. I know its upsetting my husband but I just don’t feel like getting touchy feely when I know that there’s dishes in the sink to wash or bottles to sterilise or little formula containers to fill. For me and I’m sure most women, feeling sexy is more of a mental attitude before its a physical one. My head is always so busy that I much rather zone out on Facebook than remove any clothing. 

Ugh. I feel like such a downer today.