• How to clean spotlessly with minimal effort

    Time is a commodity that we all seem to have less of. Between work, cooking, cleaning or looking after the family, it’s difficult to find time to just relax. This is why when you clean your home, using the right products and a routine makes the world of difference especially with the amount of time you’ll end up spending. Finding the right cleaning product for the job—whether it’s removing stains on your kitchen stove or eliminating the stubborn grime in your bathroom is probably one of the most important factors in making the cleaning process more efficient. We’ve put together some simple tips that will help you keep your home…

  • cleaning with handy andy

    5 tips for easily cleaning and caring for your floors

    Different homes have different types of flooring which might leave you, as a homeowner, asking yourself how you should go about cleaning your floors to keep them looking new. Says Ammarah Chand, brand manager at Handy Andy: “While the task of cleaning your floors may seem like the simplest one on your list, it is important to remember that different floors have their own set of cleaning needs that will help keep your floors looking sparkling clean.” The best floor care comes from knowing the most effective way to clean and sanitize the kind of flooring you have which is why we have put together five tips that will help…

  • Beetroot brownie

    Decadent Coconut & Beetroot Brownies in 1 Hour

    Have you seen the new McCain Diced Beetroot packs? It’s a game changer! No more stained hands…and clothes…and kitchen towels. When I saw these packs I knew that I HAD to bake with them. I didn’t want to make a typical red velvet brownie so instead I added some coconut which completely changes the texture. Did you know that a dessert is only considered a true Red Velvet if beetroot has been used to obtain the colour? True Story. Beetroot Brownie How To Video Beetroot Icing Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for daily Stories. Did you enjoy this recipe? Click here for more. #springintomccain #madewithmccain

  • Spiced Soji Cake

    Delicious Spiced Soji Cake

    Ah soji…the classic Indian dessert and often the highlight of a big Indian wedding. The key ingredient is semolina and let me tell you, it is delicious! I made soji for the first time a few weeks ago and one daughter loved it but the other hated it. So I decided to have a second go but make a cake instead. It turned out really great! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for daily Stories and updates. Did you enjoy this recipe? Click here for more.

  • battery

    R2500 Voucher from Battery Centre – Here’s how you can win!

    What a year it has been. 2020 is definitely one for the history books. Need to recharge you battery? I need to replace mine! Covid-19 changed our entire way of life. Mornings spent in traffic became mornings spent having breakfast with the family before heading off to work in the spare bedroom. Formal work attire became trackpants and comfy tees. Packing school lunches disappeared completely and instead turned into moments of standing in front of the fridge around lunch time and pulling out random things to eat. Yes, we did lose our normal, but we created a new normal for ourselves. As you can tell, I have chosen to see…

  • work

    Work – You get what you get and you don’t get upset

    I say this to my kids so often and while it may apply to what colour jelly bean you get, it definitely doesn’t apply to major life changes. Here’s a little life update to let you know why I am actually upset with what I got, or WAS upset as is the case. Embracing new opportunities Last year I started working with a very good friend of mine, managing social media accounts for corporates. I did it for fun at first as a way to help her with the workload but as I got into it, I really enjoyed what I was doing and we worked SO well together. Towards…

  • 5 Ways to regain your sexuality after having kids

    This post is for the woman who identifies more with the title Mum than Wife. The mum who can tell you exactly which of her trackpants has the best stretch but can’t remember when last she wore heels. This post is for the mum who used to use sexy lingerie to bed as the norm but now goes to bed in her husband’s oversized t-shirt or the same clothes that she wore all day. If you’re the mum who will choose sleep over sex as though it’s an obvious choice then this one is for you! Here are 5 Ways to maintain a healthy sex life after having kids 1…

  • #TheresAStoryInEveryone

    There’s a Story in Everyone

    The Cadbury Glass and a Half project has really outdone itself this year and they have done it with YOUR help! First, it was by donating money every time you bought one of their specially marked slabs. All that money has been put to good use and they have already started delivering R1 Million worth of educational toys, books and games to orphaned and vulnerable children across South Africa. Now the second part of the campaign has begun and you can get involved without spending a cent. All they are asking for, are stories. Your stories. Orphaned and vulnerable children have been hit hard with lockdown. Volunteers have not been…

  • Zozi Tunzi Aromat

    Fancy a dinner date with Zozi Tunzi and Aromat?

    Aromat is set to host a ‘once in a lifetime’ virtual dining experience with Miss Universe, Zozi Tunzi and YOU could be joining her! “Whenever I have to put a grocery list together, I realise how much I miss home – when I can’t find the things I want. The other day I wanted Aromat, and I wanted Aromat so bad. Nobody could understand what I was going through. Being surrounded by my culture, and my people is something that I will always miss the most.” – Zozibini Tunzi earlier this year. Worry not Zozi! It is this very message that has inspired South Africa’s most loved seasoning brand, Aromat…

  • Your Truth or Mine by Trisha Sakhlecha

    I’m always intrigued by books with Indians as the main characters because there’s so much that I can relate to in the story. Even though the story is based between London and India there’s still little pops of familiarity throughout the book.  Genre and Themes I thought at first that this was a straightforward murder mystery but there is also a running theme of infidelity as well as various forms of abuse. Plot At their wedding, Mia and Roy Kapoor promised to love and cherish each other. Whilst not perfect, their marriage is sacred and their commitment absolute. But a knock on the door changes everything when Roy is questioned…